Use Cases of Desktop Sharing

In business, effective communication is one of the most important factors in achieving the desired success. The most effective way to communicate has always been through face to face contact. However, connecting in the same time and space as another person is not always very easy. For instance, people live in different areas of the world. Until now, business trips have been the solution to this challenge. Fortunately, technology can finally offer another option to compete with the daunting possibilities of the business trip. Desktop sharing software allows one to share the contents of their computer screen with the screen of another person anywhere in the world. Since its beginning, desktop sharing has been a powerful tool for various occasions, including online meetings, web presentations, remote support, and web conferencing.

Desktop Sharing for your Company

desktop sharing use casesWith software that shares the content on one’s computer desktop, cross-office collaboration can happen in real time. Participants can see the exact graph, chart, or whatever information is pertinent at the same time. This saves the time of describing things and puts everyone on the same page. With the “switch presenter” function, the other participant can present their data just as easily. Desktop sharing software makes web conferences a convenient and effective method of business communication, as well. A functionality of desktop sharing tools is to send invitations to inform people of the scheduled start time and how to join the conference. Eliminated is the need to distribute files in advance, which saves massive amounts of time, preparation, and hassle.

Desktop sharing software is also wonderful for conducting web presentations for clients or customers. The presentation is made much more effective, in cases where the product is software, by the ability for the presenter to turn mouse and keyboard control over to their audience to test out the new technology for themselves. Online training can also be improved by using this software. It can also save considerable amounts of money that would have been spent on setting up a projector or paying the traveling costs of lecturers. With the pointers and white board screens offered by desktop sharing software, the student will receive the same quality of guidance as he’d get learning the material from the lecturer in a college classroom setting. Desktop sharing software can be invaluable for IT companies, as most programs include options to remotely control the mouse and keyboard of the other computer – important criteria when comparing desktop sharing solutions. Using this technology, an information technology expert can take control of the other person’s computer to work out whatever technical difficulties are occurring. This saves time, confusion, and frustration for both parties and allows for the most efficient solution to be found. The entire session can also be recorded for various later uses, such as training new IT workers on how to deal with the same challenges or as a resource for the person to refer back to in the case of the same situation occurring at a later date. Last but not least desktop sharing technology can be use by doctors and patients for tele-medicine.

Desktop sharing software provides incredible benefits for a wide swath of computer users, including project collaborators, people giving presentations to clients or customers, and IT professionals.