Desktop Sharing Comparison

Desktop sharing allows users to share information remotely through access to another’s desktop. Individuals can now collaborate with other co-workers who are located globally or even short distances away. Time and money is saved from travel expenses.

Desktop sharing software communicates the gestures made by the host computer to the remote computer. The receiver is able to see an exact replica of the host’s computer screen in real time with this technology. Most desktop sharing software can work well with low-bandwidth connections because the packets of data are compressed and sent to a remote computer. Compressed information or encrypted data can be transmitted faster across any connection. Also, most of the software will only send updates that have been made to the screen rather than re-capturing the image. This speeds the data transfer process.

Selection Criteria for Desktop Sharing Software

desktop sharing comparisonWhen selecting desktop sharing software for business use, the individual should consider the following criteria:

  • Easy Installation
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Screen capture capability while in other programs
  • Program runs in the background
  • Any web browser or computer can be used to view the image
  • Supports various operating systems, such as Windows or Mac
  • Encryption capability, if necessary
  • Connectivity can be secured by an optional access code
  • Others can listen to conversations as the user speaks through audio streaming
  • Allows application and desktop sharing
  • The number of users is only limited by the bandwidth of the user’s connection

How to Select Desktop Sharing Software

The user should determine how the desktop sharing software will be used in the business in order to fully understand the benefits of the technology. Some desktop sharing software companies offer a Personal and Corporate edition. If the software will be used for small meetings of 10-15 people sharing presentations and documents, then make certain that the software can accommodate the number of people that are invited. Individuals requiring viewing by more than 12 people should probably seek professional software that can accommodate a larger number of users or an unlimited number of users. Additionally, some businesses will require an encryption technology. Not all desktop sharing software companies offer this capability. Assess the history of the desktop sharing application, the business’s needs for the present and anticipate the future before selecting desktop sharing software.

Features of Desktop Sharing Software

  • Webcam Video Support
  • VOIP Audio Conferencing
  • Advanced testing and grading
  • Recording Capabilities
  • File Transfer capabilities
  • Rich Media Presentations
  • Whiteboard

Many companies allow the individual to test the desktop sharing software without first making a commitment to a purchase. Additionally, once the software is in the possession of the business owner, other software may be tested remotely through global clients and other desktop sharing scenarios.

Before selecting desktop sharing software, keep all of the aforementioned selection criteria in mind. Then, move forward to select the software that accommodates the needs of the business.