Benefits of Desktop Sharing

benefits of desktop sharingDesktop sharing is becoming an increasingly popular tool used by people who collaborate over the Internet. With desktop sharing, web collaborators can send whatever is appearing on their screen at the moment in real time to other collaborators.

Web collaboration refers to the use of software services that allow multiple users to work on a document or project simultaneously over the Internet. In most cases, web collaboration involves documents that are saved on a service provider’s servers. With desktop sharing, you do not need to load or work on documents on remote servers. You can show whatever is showing on your screen at the moment regardless of which applications you are running and whether or not the receiver has the same application installed on their computer. You are basically sending a real time image of whatever is showing on your computer screen.

Beneficial for any Use Case

The ability to display your desktop presentation to others on computers located anywhere in the world is quite a powerful tool with a wide range of use cases. The versatility of desktop sharing is evident in that application compatibility is not an issue. Whatever you can generate on your screen can be shown to others. Salespeople, for example, can share desktop graphics with clients or potential clients while speaking with them on the phone. Or they can use the service while chatting with clients online. The ability to add a real time visual presentation to one’s words enhances the clarity and credibility of the information provided by the salesperson to the client. You can share charts, images, even audio and video, to others on remote computers. The only tech requirement is that the other person or persons have a computer or mobile device that can access the World Wide Web.

In most cases, desktop sharing works through web services that require users to log in to the service provider’s web site. Once logged in, the different collaborators are all connected on a private, secure communication line. Some services charge fees on a monthly, annual or per minute basis. Other services are offered free usually as a means of promoting other products sold by the same company. Service provider software must be downloaded and installed on any computer in which the desktop will be shared.

Desktop Sharing Features to Benefit Everyone

There are in general some important features to consider when comparing desktop sharing solutions. The basic range of desktop sharing services offered include screen sharing, remote access, sharing control, video conferencing, instant messaging and file transfer capability. The reason why desktop sharing was created was so the service can save clients time and money in comparison to in-person or telephone conferencing and collaboration. In a society, in which practically everyone uses a computer or mobile device, this type of service allows communication on a level that meets modern needs most efficiently and effectively. For example, you can instantly share digital files with all your collaborators wherever they may be, something that is not possible with teleconferencing.